May 18th: 14th Annual Women’s Success Summit Event

May 12, 2023 | Events

Disruptive Impact: Creating Accelerated Success

This amazing group of local business women is gathering to network, be inspired, and learn how to stand out and grow your business’ impact and revenue.  It would be great to connect with you there!  Message me now so we can find each other at the event.

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“You’re invited to the 14th Annual Women’s Success Summit featuring Sandra Yancey, the Founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork, multi-million-dollar global business owner, 6X bestselling author, Movie Producer and CNN American Hero. This Summit connects successful and aspiring entrepreneurs in a stimulating environment that creates exciting new opportunities, relationships and ideas. This annual Summit sells out every year and attracts the best-of-the-best for a day of sharing, learning and supporting the growth and expansion of women’s businesses.

The 2023 Success Summit topic is “Disruptive Impact: Creating Accelerated Success No Matter What.” This is your year if you are ready for it! With an award-winning 23-year success record to her credit, Sandra will unveil her formula to “disrupt” the status quo so that you stand out in the sea of sameness and create results to grow your business for greater impact, revenue and prosperity. Sandra is the woman entrepreneur’s greatest advocate, and she will share her approach to growing and sustaining your business success no matter what economic conditions are thrown your way.

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