Welcome to Domeiri Law!

Today, I am opening the doors of my own law practice, Domeiri PLLC!  I’ve been working up to this day for a while and am so excited to bring my legal expertise to your business ventures.

A bit about me: I’m not a native Texan but got here as soon as I could at age 3 and only took a 4-year hiatus near Philly for college (Cheesesteaks are pretty good, but Mexican food is way better!).  I have lived all over the state from the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast and settled in Dallas.

My legal career has also taken me down many paths – I’ve worked for small law firms, as government attorney, and in-house counsel for domestic and international companies. These experiences allowed me to learn many different areas of law and allowed me to work with influential and interesting people all over the world.  I also continue to serve the community in my volunteer roles and as Associate Judge for the City of Dallas’s Civil Adjudication Court.

I look forward to providing my legal services to new and established business owners to help achieve their goals.

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